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Court Exhibitions & Mall Media Advertising

Court Exhibitions & Mall Media Advertising

Showcase your brand on a spectacular scale at Fourways Mall. From smart, interactive activations, aimed at exposing shoppers to your brand, to state of the art 3D digital advertising screens - Fourways Mall’s advertising media offerings ensures your message reaches the right audience, at the right time, in an impactful way.

Offering a host of options from internal digital and static media and activation space, digital external billboards, and unique boom and parking pay station advertising. Advertising with Fourways Mall means you speak to your shopper at every stage of their shopper journey through the mall.

Advertising Media contact

Internal Digital & Static Advertising

Primedia Malls: Wendy Mbete |

Court Exhibitions Space

Nokwanda Gumede |

External Digital Billboards

Relativ Media: Diane Grenfield |

Parking Boom and Pay point Advertising

Federal Parking: Rentia Nell |